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Q:  What is a transmission flush?

A:  A transmission flush is when all of the old fluid is “flushed” out of your transmission including those hard to reach places like the torque converter, clutch drums, and valve body. All of the old fluid is completely removed and replaced with fresh new fluid. After you have one done you will notice smoother shifting, increased performance – overall, a better driving experience.


Q:  Does Affordable Automotive repair / replace transmissions?

A:  YES! We are capable of doing transmission flushes using the latest in automotive technology. As far as the actual replacement or inner repair of a transmission you would need to call Affordable Automotive.


Q:  What is a Fuel System Cleaning Service and how often can I have it done?

A:  A fuel system total cleaning will treat and clean the air and emission systems, getting rid of harmful resins, gums, carbon deposits, as well as other residues. It will also help to correct other fuel related problems such as rough idling, misfiring, power loss, engine run-ons, pinging, knocking, reduced gas mileage and high emissions. You can have a fuel system cleaning service done to your vehicle for maintenance every 15,000 miles or when you are having a related drivability problem.


Q:  Does Affordable Automotive install new or rebuilt engines? Do we do engine overhauls, head gaskets or any other major engine work?

A:  We are capable of doing major engine repair or replacement work. Please call to find out more.

General Information

Q:  Do we do vehicle inspections?

A:  YES! We do state inspections.  


Q:  What types of vehicles do we work on?

A:  We work on all cars: automobiles, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive, SUVs, pick up trucks, vans, box trucks, school buses, ambulances, limos, classic cars – pretty much anything but 18 wheelers!


Q:  How often should I get my vehicle’s oil changed?

A:  Car manufacturers recommend changing the oil in your vehicle at 3,000-mile intervals.


Q:  Will having work done on my vehicle at your shops void my manufacturer warranty on my vehicle?

A:  Absolutely not! We are not only capable of keeping your vehicle maintained; we will do it at a fraction of the cost of the dealership! That is definitely one thing that all of our customers will agree on – we are faster and less expensive than a dealership. We use state of the art equipment that sometimes surpasses the equipment you find at the dealership. Our technicians are certified to repair your vehicle to manufacturer specs.


Q:  What do the different speed ratings stand for and what does it mean?

A:  A speed rating is a mile per hour rating that the specific tire is rated for. In the United States, the speed rating is really a moot point simply because we have speed limits on most, if not all, of our highways. However, we offer all speed ratings of tires. It is also important to remember that because your vehicle came with a high speed rated tire does not mean you have to replace it with the same speed. The lowest speed rating is Q which is for up to 99 miles per hour. Below is the chart of all available speed ratings: Q = up to 99 mph, S = up to 112 mph, T = up to 118 mph, U = up to 124 mph, V = up to 149 mph, W = up to 168 mph, Y = up to 186 mph, Z = above 149 mph. You will rarely come across a W or Y rated tire. The jump is usually from V rated to Z rated.


Q:  How often do I need to balance and rotate my tires, and why?

A:  It is recommended for warranty purposes and to extend the life of your new investment to balance and rotate the tires every 6,000 miles, or every other oil change. Can’t remember when you had it done? No Problem! At Affordable Automotive we keep a comprehensive history of all work that we have done on your vehicle including the mileage it was done at.


Q:  Why don’t you give tire prices on your website?

A:  We do not believe in placing prices on our website because we believe in dealing with customers on a personal level. We have a tire for every financial situation and we are more than willing to look at your old tires for trade-in values, etc. We offer flexibility that the dealers and other chain locations do not. That is just one advantage of buying “mom and pop” style.


Q:  What comes with every tire installation?

A:  With every tire installation you are entitled to a free balance and rotation every 6,000 miles, or as often as you would like, for the life of those tires. At the time of purchase, you are also entitled to a free computerized wheel alignment check.


Q:  What is a D.O.T?

A:  The D.O.T. number on the sides of tires means that the tire meets or exceeds the Department of Transportation’s safety standards. In European countries, this is not mandated and you will not find them on tires from European manufacturers unless their tires are legally sold in the United States.


Q:  What is the number before the speed rating mean?

A:  Example: 95 H. This means the tire has a load index of 95. This translates to the weight capacity being up to 1521 pounds. Construction vehicles and heavy maintenance vehicles require a heavier load range.