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When roads are tough, it’s your tires that are carrying the weight of your car. Between highways and surface streets, your tires face potholes, nails and screws, broken glass, and much more. That’s why it’s important to have regular tire service and wheel alignments to help your car last the long haul. Here at Affordable Automotive, we take pride in our tire services and repairs. Whether you need a rotation, new tires, or a wheel alignment, drivers in Brick, NJ can have peace of mind when the pros at Affordable Automotive are on the job!

Tire Services Brick NJ

If you feel something’s not quite right with your tires, don’t wait, come see the professionals at Affordable Automotive! Driving on a damaged or flat tire can lead to lasting problems, which can cost you a fortune down the line if left unchecked. If you continue driving on a flat tire, it can lead to rim damage, which can be a costly and time-consuming repair. So don’t wait to get your tires checked! When you come in, we can check your tire pressure, perform a routine tire rotation, check your alignment, inspect for any air leaks, install tire patches, and much more. Car owners in Brick, NJ know they can trust the mechanics at Affordable Automotive for the best quality tire care.

Wheel Alignments Brick NJ

If your tire alignment is off, it can lead to unsafe driving conditions and even cause collisions. Routine wheel alignments are vital in ensuring that your vehicle stays safe and reliable. Misalignments can cause your vehicle to start veering, and cause damage to your tires, making them wear down sooner than they’re supposed to. Responsible drivers know they can come to the experts at Affordable Automotive in Brick, NJ to make sure their wheel alignment is in check and make sure their vehicle is safe. During your alignment inspection, our team will check the front and rear steering, tire pressure and condition, and the suspension system. Coming in for a regular inspection of your vehicle’s alignment ensures that your car will last!

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For quality tire and alignment services, come to Affordable Automotive in Brick, NJ today! To book your appointment, give us a call, book online, or just come by and see us in our shop.

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