When you notice that something is not working right with your vehicle, it can be hard to know where to start, and who you can trust. Thankfully, our team of mechanics here at Affordable Automotive has the training and experience necessary to help drivers in Brick, NJ get the diagnostics they need and get back on the road. Maintaining the health and functions of your vehicle is vital, and helps to ensure the longevity of your car. Stopping a problem before it even happens is why we have the best diagnostic service available, here to help your car last for the long haul. In addition to diagnostics, we can also perform regular maintenance and services like oil changes and filter checks, tire rotations, and alignment checks to help your car stay in top-notch condition. Trust the professionals at Affordable Automotive in Brick, NJ to keep your vehicle running smoothly!

When Do I Need Diagnostics?

So your car has developed some sort of mystery problem and you don’t know what to do. Maybe you’ve felt a gear slip or the engine seems to be working harder than it usually does. Or maybe your check engine light is activated. Let’s face it; you aren’t a mechanic and you have little hope of discovering what the problem is on your own. That is when it is time for auto computer diagnostics in Brick, NJ. Our team will interface your vehicle with our state-of-the-art diagnostics machine and perform a series of tests. These tests “talk” to your car’s onboard computers, and those computers will produce datasets that our team will use to discover where the problem actually lies. Some instances in which you would need vehicle diagnostics include:

  • You notice a decrease in performance
  • Your gas mileage isn’t what it used to be
  • Your dashboard warning indicators (including your check engine light) are on or flashing
  • You hear noises from the engine
  • You just feel like your vehicle doesn’t drive the way it used to

If you’ve noticed a new problem with your vehicle, bring it to Affordable Automotive for diagnostics in Brick, NJ.

Check Engine Light Brick NJ

More than any other warning, drivers dread the check engine. This is due to the fact that the check engine light might not be activated by the engine at all; it is a “catch-all” warning for all kinds of problems under the hood. Some problems you may not even realize are problems until this warning light is activated! If yours is on or has been for some time, bring your car for diagnostics in Brick, NJ, from Affordable Automotive. We will be able to find the problem in a hurry and discuss whatever repairs need to be made.

Diagnostics and Repair Near Me

If your vehicle is in need of maintenance services or bigger repairs, trust the experts at Affordable Automotive in Brick, NJ. Schedule your appointment online, give us a call, or swing by our shop today!

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